Saturday, November 21, 2009


I stood before this painting today for a good 15 minutes after being stuck away in the woods all week. It's nice to visit a town. And to be allowed in free to see such a painting as Dorothea Tanning's To the Rescue. On the same floor with a Mark Rothko, a gruelling oil by Ivan Albright, and a small but enduring Rauschenberg exhibit holding up everything from the first floor. Dorothea Tanning has not had enough said about her, and she is nearly 100 years old. She has been waiting for us.

Here is another:

Like Carl Sandburg, Dorothea Tanning was born in Galesburg, Illinois.

In 1946 she became Max Ernst's fourth and last wife

Today she paints, has poems published in the New Yorker, and writes books like we may never see again

To the Rescue (1965 ), Dorothea Tanning, Hood Art Museum
Insomnies (1957), Dorothea Tanning
photo of Dorothea Tanning (1943), Robert Bruce
A Little Night Music (1946), Dorothea Tanning