Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello everyone, or maybe it's just one or two, hello always.

Please take a moment (it'll be a great long moment) and have a look at what Steven Fama has brought to bear about my, and perhaps your friend, Cid Corman. It's an exquisite walk through the park of Cid's many small Japanese bound books done in just the flair Cid made with his own day. One on one with a poem. Steven selects his personal favorites and the company he makes for us is kitchen-table-sit-down-scrumptious. Be prepared to wanting to own a few of these books when you finish this visit! Origin Press, Elizabeth Press are the two presses involved at making these beauties through the 1960s-70s.

There is also an appreciation for Mark Kuniya's Country Valley Press titles, mostso Mark's own handwork, akin to the Corman titles. Mark is working at this as I speak. Books built like traditional Japanese houses. Park your shoes out at the door.

photo © bob arnold

photo © bob arnold