Monday, September 6, 2010


~ George Hitchcock ~

poet, pressman, designer, artist, publisher of the great Kayak,
novelist, playwright, teacher, Californian, gardener, raconteur

Goodbye !


Mississippi John Hurt

Greatness sometimes walks around with a one-word name, even greater might walk around with a state name before his name. John Smith Hurt was born in Teoc Mississippi in either 1892 or 1893; anyway, it was a few years after Ezra Pound, and he would die in 1966 after many long years of hard lived obscurity as a musician, and those last re-discovered years with an affection from devoted followers and fans. His music began in the 20s when he was first recorded by Okeh Records, which went belly up in the Great Depression, sending Hurt back to the fields of labor. There, hidden, he stylized his own home remedy of country flavor, and no one but no one has been able to copy it to this day. Many try. Before Okeh quit, they gave him the moniker "Mississippi John Hurt" as a gimmick, but he spun it into legend.