Friday, May 14, 2010



He could have been Darry Dover or Judas K. Foxglove, Larry Love, maybe Vernon Castle? but Herbert B. Khaury in 1962 chose or was labeled "Tiny Tim" for a stage name when he was booked with his ukulele at a club popular for its midget acts.

A devoted musicologist of vintage tunes, he knew them all, was known long ago to play them on the street corners in Boston. And on any size stage from around the world...Isle of Wright, Las Vegas, any cellar.

Born of a Lebanese father and Polish Jewish mother, the self-made Tiny Tim would die a devoted Catholic in 1996 of a heart attack (b. 1932).

He married three times and without a doubt his first wife "Miss Vicki" will be best remembered, having had their wedding ceremony performed on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. I watched it along with millions of teenagers. Everyone but the two of them thought it wouldn't last, and it didn't.

The musician known for his high voice will sing here without the high voice, straight and clear, and grabbing by the short hairs, fearlessly, one of the anthems from the grand Rock pantheon.

The man left behind one daughter, Tulip Victoria.