Sunday, April 15, 2012


These 23 Days in September by David Blue on Grooveshark

Now and then you can walk into a used music store and if you're lucky get to hear a little gem like this song rolling. . .and even better find a copy of the LP tucked under other bins, on the floor, stuffed in a box, sort of like a coffin. Blue was young when he passed away from a heart attack while jogging in Washington Square Park in New York City, 1982, age 41. He had recorded eight albums, appeared in Bob Dylan's Renaldo and Clara, as well as Wim Wenders An American Friend and other films, and at one time his name was on the same breath and wavelength as his Greenwich Village folk musician cohorts Tom Paxton, Eric Anderson, Dave Van Ronk, Bob Dylan et al. A few words are in order to remember and certainly respect the memory of the man and artist — but really I want to share the song with you and have it play & play. Forever. It wasn't on the Grooveshark mammoth jukebox, so we loaded it on.