Friday, November 26, 2010



Another one of those films Hollywood shuns. It made only (only) a million at the box office. Which would be fine to most of us, but it's way below minimum-wage for Hollywood or anything else in the media. The director worked years at getting it onto the screen. Someone else complained about the chronology of the film (not liking) and I thought, hmm, that's just what I love about the film. It's flashbacks and foreshadows and lighting. Excellent actors. It isn't powerful. I believe I have become quite tired of the powerful.

We watched it by woodfire light, one simple candle and two crate tables pushed together for a Thanksgiving little feast.


coda: I've got lots of smart friends; some can even spell better than little ol' me.

At least two times I have posted this Beckett quote, and each time "charitable" has been wrong.

I worked with a plumber this morning and hunkered down into his work, back to me, I heard him mumble to himself, but loud enough for the world, "dummy". About himself. A little mistake he had made. Like the one I've been making.

I even have a kind neighbor who tried to correct my ways to get the word, finally, right. "Dummy".

When a moment might be warm again (ha!), I will remount the Beckett and snap another photograph and finally have the words of Molloy right as rain.

By the way, it should be "defence". Too.

For the moment the above has all the feeling, though wrong. I'll be changing it.

And then it will be right.