Wednesday, November 23, 2011


EMI Records workers hand packing vinyl records in 1965
Look at those smiles!

"To take upon us the mystery of things: this is my suggestion for everyone who takes art seriously" — King Lear

I walked into a used music store yesterday and Sticky Fingers was rolling, on this song below. Is it me, the album, or both of us, at just how over powering it all still sounded? Maybe moreso in these times — the world economics unraveling, with global warming mishap ~ perhaps, and closer to home: a government that is pretty much kaput. Was this album a foreshadow for things to come, or a contributor? Did this album really make out-of-their-minds-Americans? Does it really take Kafka and George Orwell to forecast that nothing works if you don't work? Truly work. You know, doing many things you don't wish to do, but they have to be done: help your neighbor, pickup after yourself, address others with respect and concern, balance differences so a partial harmony may materialize. Does anyone really think an album that flows as spooky and as long as the river Nile wasn't made with struggle between many skilled musicians, engineers, producers at catching the times in its teeth? All pure hard work.

I'm not content at listening to a mob being pissed off. I've been listening to that for six decades. It's nowhere. Pick up the ax, build your home.

Is it really going to come to a vast and powerful minority of 1% that is going to control by police state (watch Occupy videos for prime example, or in Cairo, Greece, China, Tibet, Africa, Syria et al) how we ride our wobbly (think bicycle) but beautiful country down the road? Really? This one-percent is mighty mighty because they thoroughly believe in what they own: money, land, companies, people. What do you believe? They love to keep us drugged on commodity and fear. I'm not about to buy outrageous Rolling Stone tickets when I can walk into a music store and find this song-blast coming my way c/o of a free-thinker youngster behind the counter nodding to the music and to me with a grin. This is what free is all about. Zero cost. Float awhile while you rest. I think we can be hard workers and love and be insurmountable. I really do. And brush aside a one-percent. It means showing the cops (who are now robbers) and the armies (mercenaries) they're bought and working for a no end. Their families, too. Everyone is as frightened as you are. Throw out the dead flowers; plant, grow, cut some new.

By the way, we came home and played Sticky Fingers. Loud. It's even better curling through the house with all the lights out. Be brave.

Can't You Hear Me Knocking by The Rolling Stones on Grooveshark

EMI Records
sticky fingers, 1971