Saturday, March 30, 2013


I recently found this excellent two-disc CD in one of our local libraries — fresh and clean, no scratches. It's a well researched and timely capsule taking one back to the early 60s and some of Bob Dylan's wellspring of inspirations and influences. A surrounding. At appox. 150 minutes and not once Bob Dylan singing; instead we have John Jacob Niles, John Lee Hooker, Rev. Gary Davis, Woody Guthrie, Lenny Bruce, Jack Kerouac, Barbara Dane, Jean Ritchie, Big Joe Williams, Lightnin' Hopkins, Lonnie Johnson, Kenneth Patchen, The Staples Singers, Paul Clayton, Dave Ron Ronk, Allen Ginsberg, Roosevelt Sykes (misspelled in the song credits), Elizabeth Cotton, and many more, freewheelin'.