Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Here's how you say "sorry", when you are.

Whomever delivers our newspaper, which isn't our newspaper, but an old Boston friend's who has a home in our town which I've worked on through two generations (the man's parents and now his). He likes our local newspaper and so we have it delivered here for him and we get to read it and keep it all together with its nasty flyers and advertisements which I never look at (but he does) and every other month or so we get to see one another when he comes up from Boston to pick up his newspaper bundle. Another style of the old way of doing things. Share and share alike. Read and also visit. While whomever delivers the paper between 3-4 AM (we hear the vehicle go down and back, especially in the snow bundled winter months, a lone pair of headlights) couldn't on one day. And this is the kind note that was left in our newspaper delivery the next day.

Whatever it takes.