Tuesday, November 30, 2010



I draw from rain, impetus;
from wind, if it be chill
or great enough, anger;
from snow, anxiety or,
if it be deep enough,
fear; from sun, what else?
solace, through glass,
however cold: solace.

Guy Birchard

I remember lying on the side of a hollow, waiting for L[eonard] to come &
mushroom, & seeing a red hare loping up the side & thinking
suddenly "This is Earth life." I seemed to see how earthy
it all was, & I myself an evolved kind of hare;
as if a moon-visitor saw me.

Virginia Woolf (from her diary)

Life should be an aim unto itself, a purpose unto itself. MONTAIGNE

Nicole Bengiveno/The New York Times

Small? A young couple in love in their NYC nest. Less than 400 sq. ft. to be exact. Two rooms. They both have work and keep well. She is lively (as we can see), he is a carpenter and finds his wood and material right off the streets.

Together they decorate and show heart in tough times.

Please read the New York Times article below and be sure to walk through the nest and garden via the slide show.

"Windigo" is from the stunning Further than the Blood by Guy Birchard
(Pressed Wafer, 9 Columbus Sq., Boston, MA. 02116)

photos © bob arnold

"purple japanese iris" poem by bob arnold
sidewalk art by jacqueline laufman


"new breadboard"

I recently worked with many feet of yellow pine stair tread.
When the job was done I was left with one foot — a butt end —
nowhere to go with it except make a breadboard for Sweetheart.