Friday, August 26, 2011


Man is the greatest Truth of all. There is nothing beyond.
— Chandidas

"For over five centuries songs have circulated in Bengal with the name Chandidas attached."

I've been reading it. In the laundromat. In the truck as passenger. Waiting for my sidekick as she ships the mail when I'm in the cab under the tree and the tree is a maple. For an hour waiting for a book sale to percolate behind a locked door. On a bench in the sun. Outside a classical music festival rehearsal hall and the Brahms was lovely but now Sweetheart needs a nap and we pull off into the shade, her side window open, bare feet stuck out, lightly smudged, music playing (Gene Clark) and I read more & more of this fine book. I knew the poems would all be sturdy, and the commentary by its editor would be more than sound; I just waited to see if the poems and the commentary invited a reader, many readers, visitors, as a good book that can take care of itself guides and welcomes and teaches and shows the way — and this one does. Don't hesitate.

the oxford anthology of bhakti literature
edited by andrew schelling
oxford university press