Sunday, April 10, 2011


That's Brett Sparks on the right and Rennie Sparks to the left and Brett takes the lead to this old Appalachian murder ballad which was taken from a 19th c. Irish ballad "The Wexford Girl". Folklorists will tell you the Irish borrowed it from the English ballad "The Oxford Girl". And I'll tell you Patrick Sky once parodied the song into "Yonkers Girl". It's feels good to mention Patrick Sky, barely anyone does anymore. The Louvin Brothers maybe recorded the most murderous rendition of the song in 1956, they about own it. But the Wilbur Brothers also recorded the song, and so has Nick Cave and Elvis Costello who aren't brothers. Sparks galloped in with his bold marauder version in 2003. With Rennie they make up the quite gothic American duo Handsome Family, which originated in Chicago, though you can hear in Sparks voice and tone he is Texas born.


A centuries-old tablet warned of tsunamis
in the town of Aneyoshi,
Iwate Prefecture, in northern Japan.


Born June 17, 1982 on the Ivory Coast, Dobet Gnahoré, because of her region's Civil War, left for Marseille in 1999 where she settled. She sings in seven African languages, as well as French. He father is the master percussionist Boni Ngahoré.

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