Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Heather Christle

Acorn Duly Crushed

Dear stupid forest.

Dear totally brain-dead forest.

Dear beautiful ugly stupid forest

full of nightingales

why won't you shut up.

What do you want from me.

A train is too expensive.

A clerk will fall asleep.

Dear bitchy stupendous forest.

Trade seats with me.

Now it is your birthday.


Someone will probably slap you

about the face and ears.

Indulgent municipal forest.

Forest of scarves and of beards.

Dear rapid bloodless forest

you are talking all the time.

You are not pithy.

You are like 8,000 swans.

Dear nasty pregnant forest.

You are so hot!

You are environmentally significant.

Men love to hand themselves

from your standard old growth trees.

Don't look at me.

You are the one with

the ancient noble terror.

Bad forest. Forest wish

important gangs of leaves.

Dear naive forest,

what won't you be admitting!

Blunt international forest.

Forest of bees and of hair.

You should come back to my house.

We can bag drugs all night.

You can tell me

about your new windows.

How they are just now

beginning to sprout.

Heather Christle
from The Difficult Farm
Octopus Books /