Monday, April 16, 2012


Peter Lamborn Wilson
Sloow Tapes

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I love mail-art and have practiced it myself for forty years in all sorts of sending venues.

I also love receiving mail from outposts close to the earth, barely any funds, scratching together a great idea and running with it: music, poetry, film, art, anything handmade. The world won't quite end if we continue to make the hand~makers! So teach your children well, share with your neighbor, put your poems and art and music, one by one, into hands.

The Other World out there, of business and profits and arguments and fights, doesn't have a clue what any of this about. Much of the world continues to listen to dignified idiots, or actually think there needs to be a qualification as to a 99% and a 1%.

Well there is a difference and it's rather easy to detect: 99% counts their change.
1% doesn't carry change.

Sloow Tapes is out of Belgium and run by
bart de paepe

it's delightfully handmade and of immediate purpose: poets or musicians at work and prepared all on easy access cassette, with personalized inner sleeves about the performer and often art work to match the eye and meal. Good stuff.