Friday, April 15, 2011



We now head back to our seasonal work of construction, stone, wood, landscape.

It's been a long winter of isolation, snow shoveling, snowshoe hiking and publishing many new booklets see here

Bob's new book of back country life YOKEL
is out and circulating, and we're working on forty years of Bob's love poems to be published in early 2012.

All the while B. has been reading aloud American noir novels to Sweetheart (and anyone else over hearing in the laundromat, in the truck, parking lots, kitchen, thawing porch): Chandler, Cain, Goodis, Fearing, Thompson, Himes. Hardcore.

With Scott and Helen Nearing scholar Greg Joly we are preparing a small book of nonfiction by Helen Nearing ~ Helen's reminiscences of an old-timer they met on the Maine coast when they arrived there from Vermont in the 1950s. A previously unpublished piece with black and white photographs.

For anyone interested we are working on the literary archive of old family friend Janine Pommy Vega, who passed away late in 2010. We all miss Janine. Bob is Janine's executor. Bob is also the literary executor for both Lorine Niedecker and Cid Corman. We have recently released a new booklet by Cid of his personal ink stamps used on all his correspondence, and for those who ever received a letter from Cid, you know just what we are talking about. This one is titled

A new and extra large Longhouse booklet has been issued of Janine's last poems
Walking Woman With The Tambourine.

We're always working on moving Lorine into all corners of the world. And many help us along.

New booklets of all sizes are also ready from John Bradley
Fordtopia, and Ken McCullough Diet for the Smallest Planet, plus a palm-size booklet of Li Po translated by JP Seaton, ideal for that spring hike in the woods. New poems by Hanne Bramness in Norway will be issued in May.

So, we're busy and mainly outdoors, and in the night and on rain days, we'll build the Birdhouse.

photo © susan arnold