Monday, September 27, 2010


When we finished the roofing job and then the chimney stack of top enamel tiles and came back down onto the ground, the earth, we played this song. Something very far from us brought close. It was for the samba mambo bomba joy.

Born in Scotland in 1952, David Byrne hit the streets of New York City (where he lives today, often found moving on bicycle) as a young man with musical friends. In 1975 he formed Talking Heads with these friends and never looked back. Known through the New Wave, World Beat channels Byrne was accomplished with guitar, accordion, violin and harmonica before entering high school; he's tripled his instrumental arsenal since then and moved from the Talking Heads into world music, film, theater, producer, and founder of the music label Luaka Bop (1990). The album Rei Momo was released in 1989 garnering a Scotsman understanding of Afro-Cuban-Hispanic and Brazilian styles.