Sunday, October 30, 2011


The Supreme Court as Nascar Drivers

For all those with queries about Occupy Wall Street and befuddled why anyone would be questioning authority ~ perhaps this Sunday New York Times article by Thomas Friedman will shed some light:



Just came in, after two-hours hand-shoveling the driveway of a near two feet of snow (the Berkshire towns Windsor and Savoy, my neighbors as a boy, had over two-feet) to homemade apple pie, scrambled eggs, hash browns, turkey bacon, mugs of orange juice and hot tea and letting all the clothes and boots dry by the woodfire before we head out in the afternoon for another round of shoveling.

The power was also restored at dawn after disappearing into the wilds of overnight. A remarkable recovery since it looked like it might be out for days.

The heavy snow arrived exactly two months to the day since Hurricane Irene. So this is what she is saying: I hope you got onto the point after the hurricane and repaired your roads and bridges and house stoops and landscape, and in the meantime got your firewood in for winter, and chopped your cabbage out of the garden, and covered what needed to be covered, because there is a new snow date in my mind since I was a boy with a snow shovel in the Berkshire Hills circa 1950s. . .then, it was November 15th have-everything-ready-for-snow. Now it's Halloween.

No foolin'.

photo © bob arnold