Monday, August 1, 2011


One of our cats was named after Woodrow Wilson Guthrie who was named after someone else.

A terrific American boy who grew up in Okemah, Oklahoma amidst great tragedy and flight — he took to the road early, a high school dropout and avid reader, penning one of the great memoirs of American literature
Bound for Glory.

He also was a columnist for The Daily Worker, hobo, radio performer, husband of three and father of eight.

He kept to a drawing pad all his life and was one of the towering songwriters of the modern era.

There was barely a subject he didn't touch or a folksinger he hasn't influenced.

(July 14, 1912~October 3, 1967)

(a fine fellow and book)

Steven Brower & Nora Guthrie (Rizzoli 2005)