Friday, December 18, 2009

~-H-A-L-F-- A-- C-U-P- ~

we plan to regularly showcase Longhouse publications on the Birdhouse, along with the work of Bob Arnold. We will share what we call "Half a Cup" ~ half of each publication to give to those an enticement to perhaps purchase the booklet, and for those that just want to take, take away! It is a gift. Many are broke and have no money and may be in a library right now just getting warm and have stumbled upon this page. Well, here is a friend. Others may want to build a little library. Here is your chance. Link to purchase information.


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Tom Clark has been working as a words-smith, tried and true, like the never ending town garage in every small town in once-upon-a-time-land. That's where we are now with this good man of letters: biographies of Charles Olson, Edward Dorn, Robert Creeley — maybe best described as his forefathers and respected - plus the myriad books of poems and prose and thinking matter booklets and chaplets and broadsides that have been issued for near 50 years. As a young man he started a press that he called Once, and the next issue was called Twice, then Thrice, Thrice and a 1/2, Frice, Ice, Nice, Vice, Slice and Spice. . .there is nothing like a man having a sporting time, which he then extended into his stint as poetry editor at The Paris Review, and all these years later, without fail, registers new poems and art pieces from his nocturnal post Beyond the Pale
I mean, for goodness sakes, be there or be square.

photo © bob arnold