Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Go to your broken heart.

If you think you don't have one, get one.

To get one, be sincere.

Learn sincerity of intent by letting

life enter, because you're helpless, really,

to do otherwise.

Even as you try escaping, let it take you

and tear you open

like a letter sent

like a sentence inside

you've waited for all your life

though you've committed nothing.

Let it send you up.

Let it break you, heart.

Broken-heartedness is the beginning

of all real reception.

The ear of humility hears beyond the gates.

See the gates opening.

Feel your hands going akimbo on your hips,

your mouth opening like a womb

giving birth to your voice for the first time.

Go singing whirling into the glory

of being ecstatically simple.

Write the poem.



Volevo Che Voi Lo Sapeste
(Multimedia Edizioni)

jack hirschman &
lawrence ferlinghetti