Thursday, August 12, 2010


Not many speak any longer about Tarheel Slim (Allen Bunn).

Born in North Carolina in 1924, he played the circuit cutting songs with various groups, under either of his names, and with Little Ann.

Unforgettable records, like Wildcat Tamer/Number 9 Train
on the Fury label from 1958.

Rock 'n' roll was never finer. Wilder.

Tarheel Slim passed away in 1977.

Here are a few songs (all dynamos) that run through my mind when in the presence of Tarheel Slim ~

Ben E. King after The Drifters and playing into the upper reaches of R & B ~

Shuggie Otis, son of Johnny Otis, teenage wizkid musician via dad's great act, Al Kooper, Zappa, his own solo recordings done the same youthful ages Rimbaud worked his poetry. If anything, Shuggie Otis is a prelude to Prince to come ~

James Brown takes a few words and a few chords and the party is on ~

tarheel slim: pete lowry

ben e. king:
james brown: