Sunday, December 11, 2011


Friends ~ and you know who you are ~
we lost Shizumi Corman
on November 30, 2011.

Shizumi is now where she always said she always wanted to be,
with her husband Cid Corman (1924-2004 ).

Kyoto has a dove flying overhead.

I had a thirty year strong relationship and correspondence with Cid, often four letters a week, in the good old days of blue aerogrammes. Who, possibly, has that much to say? But we did. And when Cid was gone, for those few years more, when I wrote to Shizumi, she asked that I continue addressing the letters as I always had "dear Cid & Shizumi". Including having Cid's name on the mailing envelope.

The muse behind 1000 poems.

I leave my

life with you

Make of it

what you can.

~ CC

Shizumi Corman
(Konishi Shizumi)

Baby—we've all jumped

from the pot into the fire.

Ain't we something else?

~ CC

calligraphy © shizumi corman
longhouse publishers & booksellers
photo © susan arnold