Thursday, July 25, 2013


St. Lucia

On St. Lucia's day when I was twelve I lit
the candles of the table wreath, put it on my head,
and walked upstairs.

I held a
thawed-out muffin, and a cup of coffee on a tray.

What a fright I gave my mother,
coming slowly up her stairs — the candles

hovering at conflicted angles above my head,
and my long old fashioned nightgown
tripping me a little on the way.

How kind she should have noticed, then, and

mentioned, my extraordinary
beauty in that moment.

Before she leapt at me and blew the candles out.


Johanna Skibsrud
   (b. 1980)
her debut book of poems Late Nights With Wild Cowboys
was published in 2008 from Gaspereau Press.
A native of Meadowville, Nova Scotia, she currently lives
in Tucson, Arizona. 

 The Sentimentalists (fiction)
 This Will Be Difficult to Explain, and Other Stories (fiction)

 I Do Not Think That I Could Love a Human Being (poetry)

Late Nights with Wild Cowboys (poetry)


I Had Imagined Them, Unthinkingly

Where do they go in this
            part of the world?

I had
imagined them,

           unthinkingly, in the

southern part of Florida with

ours, or down as far as

As if all
birds met there, like