Monday, December 20, 2010

Longhouse Special Special extra Special ~

Act fast ~ there's still time to sneak in a Christmas or New Year's gift for someone special

Our ever thanks to all who have!

In less than two weeks Longhouse will be 40 years old !
A day hasn't gone by where we haven't worked at it.

To help celebrate the 40th anniversary
(and to get to the 50th)
we are offering a treasure chest to draw from


Send $50 and we will send to you 8 publications
of our choosing from the Longhouse treasure chest...


Booklets, cards, broadsides for framing, books !

And on top of that we'll pay for shipping, too!

International orders the only exception so please inquire.

With this, you can gift yourself, or better:
have the bundle shipped to someone else.

Just tell us where to send the gift and we will.

Don't even ask what publications will be sent, that's half the fun.
We're capable of fitting in some real surprises and sizes.

You may pay by credit card, personal check, money order,
or use the easy Paypal account below.

Got a great friend you want to make even greater —
here's your chance.

Mom, Dad, brother, sister, kids, neighbor : "hate poetry"
— try this gift on them.

While supplies last!

Send info, pay us, we'll take care of the rest.

photo © bob arnold