Monday, January 24, 2011



A span of 20 feet —
Someone, but no
One’s around, once
Laid down these log
Poles and nailed the
Planks for what I balance
On and cross, and then
Turn and once again
Walk over, because I
Like the feeling, a
Mountain creek beneath
And leaves floating,
The range of light —
Now back across slowly
The last time
Finally into my direction

====================for John Levy

© Bob Arnold
from Where Rivers Meet
(Mad River Press)

photo © bob arnold

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En mi soledad
he visto cosas muy claras
que no son verdad

In my solitude
I have seen very clear things
that weren't true


the kings of rhythm (clockwise): billy gayles, eugene washington, jesse knight, ike turner, eddie jones and raymond hill

The whammy bar of Ike Turner blows through the front door of this 1956 kicker he penned on the Federal label, and sung by Billy Gayles (also "Gales") who worked with Turner on his Clarksdale recordings in 1954.

That's Bob Dylan saying a little something at the tail end.