Tuesday, May 1, 2012

( Mayish Day )

Stephen King


I don't read much Stephen King — one or two, wait three! of the earliest books (Carrie, Cujo, Christine) but last year I read a short story of his aloud to Susan while the clothes were being washed in town. I see him as a real American kid. There's that comfort of being raised where he could develop a mischief (which I also had and I believe you had) and he refuses to grow up in all the right places. In other words, he's dangerous, the way Mark Twain liked them. He's also a good example of being rich and what one can do with the service to one's country. I love it he owns two radio stations and he lets them PLAY in Bangor Maine.

[letter to J.D. from Bob 2 May 2012]

( May Day )

"EUDORA, Kan. — The sight is a familiar one along the dusty back roads of the Great Plains: an old roofless silo left to the elements along with decaying barns, chicken coops and stone homesteads.

Abandoned rural silos catch seeds and then protect fragile saplings from the prairie winds as they grow tall inside. A tree grows from within an old silo in Cleveland, Mo.

This is the landscape of rural abandonment that defines a region that has struggled with generations of exodus.

But increasingly there are unexpected signs of rebirth. Many of these decrepit silos, once used to store feed for livestock, now just hollow columns of cinder blocks, have through happenstance transformed into unlikely nurseries for trees."

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