Monday, October 24, 2011


Peter Seeger now!

The following has been sent to me now by countless friends and supporters from various sources, and I've added a few two-cents to the short piece to best flesh out the marvel of what it means to be an activist from sea to shining sea ~

Pete Seeger has spent decades protesting against war, racial inequality and unfair labor practices, and on Friday night, he lent his support -- and voice -- to the growing Occupy Wall Street movement.

After performing at New York City's Symphony Space, the legendary folk singer, using two canes, fell in with a group of roughly 1,000 protestors and marched more than 40 blocks down Broadway. Upon reaching Columbus Circle, he sang a version of 'We Shall Overcome,' one of the many up-with-the-people anthems he's helped to popularize over the years.

Joining the 92-year-old music legend were fellow folk artist Arlo Guthrie, musician grandson Tao Rodriguez Seeger, bluesman Guy Davis, composer David Amram and singer-storyteller Tom Chapin. May I also include veteran activist folksinger Tom Paxton, as well. And I'm sure a few other wonders were tucked in there and kept quietly modest to it all. Many of the very best have often worked this way.
Sing out!


Geraldine Page

For starters, F. Murray Abraham when presenting Geraldine Page with her Oscar for best actress in The Trip to Bountiful said to the world, "I consider this woman the greatest actress in the English language." This was finally said to her in public the year before she died at age 62 in 1987 of a heart attack.

For a sample of what Abraham means, just take a look at three films by this supreme method actress: Hondo (1953), Summer and Smoke (1961) and The Trip to Bountiful (1985). No one played Tennessee Williams finer, and we haven't even reached into her more legendary place on the stage. She passed away while hard at work on Broadway with Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit.

Geraldine Sue Page was born in Missouri on November 22, 1924 and was gone June 13, 1987. Her husband, the father of her three children and right with her to the end, is the actor Rip Torn. They delighted in the fact they called their country estate Torn Page.

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