Friday, January 6, 2012


This just sent this morning from brother Ray DiPalma who keeps in touch with us from New York City (and his heart in upstate NY and Berkshire county Massachusetts). I say "brother" because this is the feeling I always have in communication with Ray, whether poetry, film noir, book loves between us, and the great outdoors of the out-of-doors and ever gifts around us. This stone car for a stonemason like myself is a dream come true. Lots of work and hand gathering and no ground disturbed and settled in magnificently with its environment. The persistence of the craftsman is a marvel. The headlamp rims, unique old bumpers (I lost a few!) and skilled touch of the flat stone for windows can make you smile and weep at once for its care. Certainly go to the link and read to your heart's content. I guess the vehicle is out in Ithaca, New York. Right now it's at play in my mind.