Sunday, May 8, 2011


Mary McCaslin

When I fell in love with you know who, there was no one we played more in our cabin in the woods, besides Townes Van Zandt, than Mary McCaslin. Old record player. Repeatedly. And I believe we wore through both our separate albums of Way Out West and so bought one more out of the dollar bin. And years later when our son Carson was born, we bought him a copy.

No man should go on living without the young voice of Mary McCaslin rushing through his veins.

She was completely outside Nashville, recorded in the sticks of Vermont, born in the midwest but with a Pike's Peak knowledge of the old west. More than just the history, places, events and people; she put you there.

Mary McCaslin still tours and plays. Thirty years ago in Seattle walking with a friend on a barren side street we saw a marquee for Mary McCaslin with her then companion Jim Ringer. Their duets rival anyone's.

We never saw them together. We heard Ringer long ago in Vermont, a wee bit inebriated on stage and making fun of his dobro player (who played fine). And then we caught McCaslin years and years later on a wet night in a college town cafe, and miraculously here MM was passing through.

Her first album Way Out West remains eerily stark yet rippling with passions, and absolutely untouched.

Here we share a terrific Marty Robbins song from her album Prairie in the Sky
done all Mary ~

"my love" from the album Prairie in the Sky
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