Monday, January 31, 2011


A new poem~card from our press!

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This brother & sister duo are a gas, and still performing to this day nearing on age 70. Rockabilly never dies.

Larry and Lorrie ("Lawrencine") Collins could often be caught on 1950s tv: either with Tex Ritter's "Ranch Party", or on "Town Hall Party", where Ricky Nelson eyed Lorrie and they became an item. Lorrie appeared as Ricky's girlfriend on his parents tv show...years and years before reality television shows, which I've never seen, and won't.

What we are listening to here is Larry as a guitar whiz at age ten or so, and Lorrie a few years older. He plays the solos, they both sing. If you told me they were Wanda Jackson's kids, I'd say, "Had to be."

It all came about when Sweetheart and I pulled out the map of California, as we often do in the dead of winter, and saw the stretch of open highway through the desert to the Sierra. We have the desire; we just need the right car.

Play the song.