Friday, December 11, 2009


from an invocation

From cedar's green feathers---------------cedar's red odor

From moss' cool fever----------------------earthworm's glowing

From pitch-pine's field-taking--------- ---pitch-pine's black tarring

From the heel-worn path------------------eye-light roaming


From cornfield's stalking-------------------bobwhite ascending

From the cardinal's scarlet-----------------a royalty before us

From persimmon & apple------------------urgent oriole feeding

From blue-eyed grass in shadow-----------late summer's Eden


From footstep to cow path----------------mud pool & duck quack

From goldenrod's augur-------------------winter gathers

From ice cracking oak limb----------------frisson & weeping

From beech leaf in winter------------------gold filigree forming


From the extremely exquisite and limited edition —

Country Valley Press

These small Japanese bound booklets are taking off nicely in design and in almost homage to the earlier editions issued from Cid Corman's Origin and James L. Weil's Elizabeth Press.
Very good company to keep.




Limited to 200 copies, visual art/poem
Nestled up in Thai Bird's Nest covers
w/ CD!

Ed Rayher was at the helm forming this beauty, but Ed informs us his Swamp Press isn't the publisher, though copies may be had from —

Swamp Press, 15 Warwick Avenue, Northfield, MA. 01360.


Ear delight —
[Temporarily out-of-stock]

Ray Bremser
Diane di Prima
Ted Berrigan
Carol Berge
Ed Sanders
Charles Bukowski
John Wieners
Jim Silver
John Giorno
Allen Ginsberg
Paul Blackburn
Harold Norse

All 26 tracks of this CD are taken from Carl Weissner's master tape recorded between 1966-1968 for the original LP pressed by Cold Turkey Press.

The CD issued from Cold Turkey/Klacto/Sea Urchin may be purchased from Longhouse.

Interest in the collector's item LP of the same may inquire.



from the deer path to my door

here doing what I do best

weeding reading drinking


tax bills deadlines work undone

I plan a seat round the sycamore


time spent with black parrot queen of the night tulip

bulbs why not working sitting


early bus to town for teachings better
follow the drumming woodpecker into the woods

Oystercatcher Press publishes
contemporary poetry at—

4 Coastguard Cottages
Old Hunstanton
Norfolk PE36 6 EL

Gerry Loose lives (British Isles) on land and water (houseboat) with photographer Morven Gregor. There is so much of his work to be found. See the very fine Shearsman catalog and elsewhere.


Senses delight —

, filmmaker

I first watched snippets or the fledgling sweet edges of this film at the Lorine Niedecker Festival held in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2003. Many of us were gladly squeezed into a darkened room in a Fort Atkinson library to catch this, and Cid Corman was with us — one who knew LN one of the best. I knew in the first seconds we were with a filmmaker who had the touch for Niedecker's poetry, person and habitat. Now with the whole film completed and available on DVD, the mystique of Cathy Cook's Niedecker is all of ours.

This one may be purchased from Longhouse.