Monday, February 29, 2016


The day it turned sunny and 45 degrees and still February
my goodness! we headed back into the woodlot
and pulled out 12 sled loads of that red oak
firewood pile we had made earlier in the
week by felling the old and dead tree
and hand-splitting right on site

Except this time we loaded all 12 loads
right into two truck loads and
brought the firewood home that way
through the breaking down ground
frost, the mud that is here now
and let's not even try to
remember all the ice

Instead of dragging the sleds home twelve times
this time we used the truck —
we're not as dumb as we look —
and we still had a jolly old time

Did I tell you the battery is dead on the truck?
It's a 1989 Toyota red pickup
and it's the only vehicle
we ever bought brand new
our first 40 years of marriage
Walked right in with 12k in cash
in our pocket and that was
after saving 1k every year
for, you got it,
12 years

We have worked with the truck so long now
that it has worn out a name,
we call it "the red truck"
and we talk to the truck
nearly as much as we talk to
one another and we talk to
one another all the time!

We also pat the truck on the side
the steering wheel and when
we carry along the jump-start battery
in the cab with us to turn the truck over
(it takes quite a long time to sled down
through the woods sled loads and
load a truck up) plus I never
told you the frame is about

We have to be tender,
and it's easy to be

[ BA ]
28 February 2016