Saturday, June 11, 2011


Color coordinated Frank Zappa with his parents Francis and Rosemary in California

Maybe the greatest white American liberator and champion for freedom since John Brown, Frank Vincent Zappa was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1940. He would pass away from prostate cancer at age 52 in 1993 after an early life of much sickness and malady, perhaps associated with a chemical warfare facility in the neighborhood where his chemist and mathematician father worked for the US Defense industry. Nothing more was the polar opposite of the father's son, who would compose and produce all 60 albums by The Mothers of Invention or his own solo albums over a career spanning 30 years...the majority of the material for the songs dealing with social injustice, germ warfare, authority and awful Big Brother. The tune chosen below is hauled off the Mothers debut LP Freak Out (1966). Of the four children Frank and Gail Zappa circled as their family, maybe the youngest, Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen has the most Motherist of names.

photo: John Olson, Life