Thursday, April 1, 2010


I know it's Spring ~ the glue on the sides of my rubber work boots finally looked up at me and said, "We've had enough, Bob." They split open just as the sun was coming out today.

No complaints, the boots lasted all winter. They were already old.

The sun we haven't seen for four days. The days and days of rain.

Which has made the river run thick as a rope.

We came out the back door this morning and could smell the sea.

Sweetheart said, "I smell the sea." She did so I did. The Atlantic is 200 miles east.

All the lighting has changed. Winter is gone, even if it snows again.

We drove out of the mud hole to town and half of the trip was along the river rope. Green and white small rapids and twisting. Made of snow and rain and woods shadows. Nowhere along the way to here does this river pass through any town. It comes from the backside of a pleasant village further up in the hills. In the shadows. Victor Hugo once said, "To meditate on shadows is a serious thing."

After we did the wash and sent out mail in town, we headed for groceries. Sunshine spread everywhere, no wars in sight.

We walked over to a small park bench to sit awhile and just be with the day. On the way to the bench I saw two young guys sitting together talking. They looked like rugby players for some reason, not football, rugby. Quick and compact. Both in t-shirts, short hair, and both with casts on their wrists. One had his on a right wrist, the other on a left wrist. They had colored their casts ~ or maybe they come that way now in the hospital? One orange, one green.

I had to stop a moment and talk. "So you both broke your wrists?" I smiled.

They looked up, squinting in the sun, smiled back. "Yeah, I broke mine and so he went and copied me." Smiles broaden.

"But you didn't break'em hitting one another, did'ya?"

Chuckles all around.

The sunlight certainly feels good.

photos © bob arnold
"my girl"