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Christmas Eve Greetings from Longhouse ~

Once In Vermont films © bob arnold
poem by lorine niedecker

Dear Gerry & Lorry,

Tonight is Christmas Eve.

Susan is taking a nap after supper on the sofa as she does every evening in the winter, Kokomo wedged in there with the blankets and Susan.

The two tea kettles are knocking softly with a low boil on the woodstove. One pot has its cap off for good and is used to simply make water vapor into the dry woodstove rooms we live in all winter.

The Thing, original, by Howard Hawks is playing. I taped it from last Sunday morning at 5AM when I wasn't up yet and wanted a copy for Susan. . .it was her most scaredy-cat film of her childhood. One of mine, too. Along with The Abominable Snowman, which I saw at age 5 in the Adams Theater with my older sister.

There is a new film for Christmas eve on the Longhouse Birdhouse which will give you a feel of the outdoors right now, and which poem is on the chalkboard. A good one. We love the lights in the pitch black woodlands. The spaces in the film that act as drifting dark blankness as the bright holiday lights appear and disappear are hemlock trees as I move toward the lights with the camera. Snow crunching under boot. River roaring with day earlier rain.

And I'm reading Mermaids, Manatees and Bimini Blind Snakes* in one-sitting. I'm so far on page 123, and you know exactly where I am in the book. Tomorrow when I call my mother to wish her a Merry Christmas I'm going to remind her of her skinks which she complains get into her house. And she has a cat "Baby" she really loves.

Now I know the two things that Lorry wanted when this move to Florida was made. And she got them.

The story "Crabby Tale on the Gulf" may be the one sticking most to my ribs. But all the stories stick with one another and I like them all as they are coming to me. It's the kind of book that self-drives. Stories that want to be told and be heard.

I'll be done with the book by midnight. Easily.

The Thing will be dead; and we'll all be alive.

Thanks to you
all's well, Bob

* Mermaids, Manatees and Bimini Blind Snakes
by Gerald Hausman
Irie Books
12699 Cristi Way
Bokeelia , Florida 33922




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 Many of our handmade booklets, postcards, and books from over the years by poets world wide

Welcome to Longhouse's bibliography, covering 42 years of steady publications. The press was created by Bob Arnold in 1971, the year he was drafted by the Army and stationed with Conscientious Objector status in southern Vermont during the last gruesome stages of the Vietnam War. Bob was heading there anyway ... being employed by a brotherly minister of the local Episcopal church, and therein was found the key to Longhouse's future: the church office held an AB Dick mimeograph machine, and the rest is history.

Bob Arnold edited, designed and printed each title entry below. Publishing, designing and believing would be greatly enhanced by Susan Arnold from 1974 onwards. All has been published and continued without a cent of financial assistance in the way of grants, fellowships, subscription and especially government or corporate funding. The dear "individuals" infusing the list of guardian angels, supporters and heart-felt benefactors are now family in the editor's mind. In the 1980s, a bookshop was established. Being too rural in location for steady customers, Longhouse went online as a bookshop, and to this day the website supplements the necessary income to keep the press afloat. Gracias.

The following anecdotes were taken as self-interviews 'speaking' into the computer screen, a dizzy art-form in itself. Where the reader feels the "I" and "we" of the speaker are confusing (and it may be), just imagine an old-fashioned marriage (Susan and Bob) - where one is often both - and in this regard, as it is.

The format has been purposely designed to act as a chalk board where the editor is certain folks will come forth with corrections as they read along, and remind the poor editor of his possible shoddy memory. Be inclined. The editor will also practice his own revisions, so these pages will be active with wings.

New capsule portraits will now begin at the start of 2008 and follow up to New Year 2013 ~

~ 2008 ~

2008. Bob Arnold. 'birches'. Flip-up booklet.

Bob Arnold

: I'm writing this now in the summer of 2012 looking back five years at what had happened and is still happening. Let's begin! 2008 started off with a tiny hand flip-up card of one of my poems, sent out free and tucked often into hand written correspondence. No one complained.

2008. Bob Arnold. Dream Come True. 20 fold-out poems wrapped in Japanese handmade iris paper in Lokta band. An expanded edition from the tel-let 2001. More poems and one correction!
drc drc

: more short poems by Bob, collected over a year or two and wrapped up in Lokta paper we were at the time finding in a shop selling at a very reasonable price. Out of one sheet I could handmake 18 booklets. This sequence had been first published by John Martone at tel-let, then expanded here, and likewise translated by Lars Amund Vaage into a bilingual Norwegian/English cloth edition published by Hanne Bramness, with drawings by Laurie Clark.

2008. Bob Arnold, the gardener says... one long poem of many small poems - really for children, or the one in you - folded all up into actual flower petaled handmade papers
 gs  gs

: it was meant for children and I often reached to send a copy, or share a copy, with adults that were nicely child-like. Yes, a personal decision. It looks to be Lokta wrapping left over from the previous booklet. Almost always we work with what we have on hand. A lifetime of living out in the woods, and starting off having to hike to town 10 miles if I ever wanted anything,has given me a discipline to be happy with what I have. When I'm not, we make a special trip and sometimes it's well worth it for a special someone (meaning a poet).

2008. Arnold, Bob, editor ~ Origin, Sixth Series The Complete Issues, Quartet and the Coda ~ Longhouse, 2008 First edition / CD-Rom E-book Origin Sixth Series quartet & Coda (five issues in all) published as a PDF e-book on CD with nearly 250 contributors and a whalloping 1,700 colorful pages of poetry, prose, art and photographs. After nearly a year of free reading of the series from our website, now is your chance to own your own copy. Poetry / Anthology / CD-Rom E-book 29572 : $20 (+ $2.50 s/h)  

Please have a look and see if this beauty can fit into your teaching plans, as well as a title to interest friends, colleagues and all libraries. We'd love it if other poets, readers & teachers took up the CD anthology as a companion.
System requirements: the PDF files with high quality resolution best read with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later version / Windows with Autorun capability / Mac users please first link to Origin-Introduction.pdf for bookmark navigation / Table of Contents now with bookmark links.
Decorative CD in C-Pak.
To avoid confusion amongst the purists, we have prepared ORIGIN, Sixth Series as a tribute to Cid Corman. No one in his right mind is attempting to do Origin the way Cid would. Impossible. For a rousing history of Origin, please read A Gist of Origin edited by Cid Corman.
This sixth series is a four-issue Origin-set that leafed out during the Spring months of 2007, culminating with a 'coda' issue in December. It is the very last of Origin, ever.
A small part of this series had Cid Corman's personal touch ~ in particular, some of the feature poets names chosen. After Cid's passing, poets were then gathered by editor Bob Arnold as more a celebration to poetry and for Cid. It has became a leafy canopy of many poets from around the world ~ ancients to the remarkably young ~ and all of the set is published as a PDF file. It's meant to read on the screen, and more, to be now shared as an e-book on CD.

The Origin set reaches 1,700 pages, with 250 artists and poets strong.
Origin Poets & Artists:
Dobree Adams ~ Rae Armantrout ~ Bob Arnold / Origin Feature 1~ Carson Arnold ~ Susan Arnold ~ Ed Baker ~ Amiri Baraka ~ Jeffery Beam ~ Franco Beltrametti ~ Jan Bender ~ John Bennett ~ Sophia Bentinck ~ Carol Berge ~ Romulo Bernardo / trans. Janine Pommy Vega ~ Guy Birchard ~ Kevin Bowen ~ John Bradley / Cheng Hui ~ Hanne Bramness ~ Alan Brilliant ~ Rolf Brinkmann ~ David Brinks ~ Maggie Brown ~ Pam Brown ~ David Budbill ~ Clifford Burke ~ Bobby Byrd ~ Alex Caldiero ~ Alvaro Cardona-Hine ~ Hayden Carruth ~ Sean Casey ~ Beth Chasse ~ David-Baptist Chirot ~ Cid Corman Letters to Judith Binder ~ Cid Corman Letters to Louise Landes Levi ~ Carson Cistulli ~ Laurie Clark ~ Thomas A. Clark ~ Andy Clausen ~ Steve Clay ~ Ira Cohen ~ Marcel Cohen / trans. Cid Corman ~ Jack Collom ~ Rita Corbin ~ Cid Corman ~ Shizumi Corman ~ Arlene Corwin ~ Robert Creeley ~ Simon Cutts ~ Rene Daumal ~ Tsering Wangmo Dhompa ~ Jim Dodge ~ Kim Dorman ~ Ray Drew ~ Reidar Ekner ~ Theodore Enslin / Origin Archive ~ Rita degli Esposti / trans. by Coco Gordon ~ George Evans ~ Clive Faust ~ Alec Finlay ~ Ian Hamilton Finlay / Origin Archive Feature ~ Dennis Formento ~ Walter Franceschi ~ Gloria Frym ~ Forrest Gander / translations of Marcos Canteli, Carlos Pardo & Elena Medel ~ Megan M. Garr ~ Jacqueline Gens ~ Sergio Geyda / trans. George Evans & Daisy Zamora ~ Man Giac / trans. Kevin Bowen ~ David Giannini ~ Michael Gizzi ~ Peter Gizzi ~ Jesse Glass ~ Lyle Glazier ~ Charles Goodrich ~ Kirpal Gordon ~ Elio Grasso / Franco Beltrametti ~ Sam Green ~ Jonathan Greene ~ Sam Grolmes ~ Sam Hamill ~ Marie Harris ~ Caroline Hartge ~ Terry Hauptman ~ Gerald Hausman ~ Kris Hemensley ~ David Hess ~ Michael Hettich ~ David Hinton / Wei Ying-wu ~ Mikhail Horowitz ~ Gary Hotham ~ Kuan Hsiu / trans. J. P. Seaton ~ Stefan Hyner ~ Brenda Iijima ~ Erling Inreeide ~ Lisa Jarnot ~ Tom Jay ~ Brooks Johnson ~ Kent Johnson ~ Greg Joly ~ Hettie Jones ~ George Kalamaras ~ Lenore Kandel ~ Yoshie Kaneiri ~ Eliot Katz ~ Judy Katz-Levine ~ Cralan Kelder ~ Miyazawa Kenji / trans. Gerald Hausman & Kenji Okuhira ~ Miyazawa Kenji / trans. Hiroaki Sato ~ Kit Kennedy ~ Bill Knott ~ James Koller ~ Richard Kostelanetz ~ Mark Kuniya ~ Joanne Kyger ~ John Latta ~ Alan Lau ~ Dudley Laufman ~ Gary Lawless ~ Ursula K. Le Guin ~ Joseph Lease ~ Louise Landes Levi ~ John Levy ~ Chung Ling ~ Khong Lo / trans. Kevin Bowen ~ Ron Loewinsohn ~ Gerard Malanga ~ Jerry Martien ~ Stephen-Paul Martin ~ John Martone / Origin Feature 3 ~ Joseph Massey ~ Sebastian Matthews ~ Farid Matuk ~ Michael Mauri ~ Howard McCord ~ Duncan McNaughton ~ Tim McNulty ~ Nora Mehrhoff ~ Charlie Mehrhoff / Origin Feature 2 ~ Yuan Mei / trans. J. P. Seaton ~ Richard Meltzer ~ Henri Michaux / trans. Cid Corman ~ David Miller ~ Sabine Miller ~ Billy Mills ~ Peter Money ~ Tom Montag ~ Barbara Moraff ~ Giuseppe Moretti ~ Sheila Murphy ~ Eileen Myles ~ Vivek Narayanan ~ Hoa Nguyen / Origin Feature 4 ~ Lorine Niedecker / Origin Archive ~ Mike O'Connor ~ Mike / Hermit-Sage Tradition O'Connor / Hermit-Sage Tradition ~ Josip Osti / trans. Barbara Subert ~ Maureen Owen ~ Richard Owens ~ Ron Padgett ~ Shin Yu Pai ~ Ethan Paquin ~ Jenny Penberthy ~ Omar Perez Lopez / trans. Kristin Dykstra & Nick Lawrence ~ John Perlman ~ Will Petersen ~ Stephen Petroff ~ Simon Pettet ~ Denis Philippe / trans. Cid Corman ~ Janos Pilinszky / trans. Cid Corman ~ Plucked Chicken / Origin Archive ~ Verandah Porche ~ Meredith Quartermain ~ Peter Quartermain ~ Jerry Reddan ~ Tangram ~ Peter Riley ~ Marcia Roberts ~ Elizabeth Robinson ~ Janet Rodney ~ Martin Jack Rosenblum ~ Ce Rosenow ~ Michael Rothenberg ~ Gail Roub ~ Philip Rowland ~ Eero Ruuttila ~ Albert Saijo ~ Nanao Sakaki ~ Frank Samperi ~ Edward Sanders ~ Charles Sandy ~ Steve Sanfield ~ Santoka / trans. Scott Watson ~ Aram Saroyan ~ Leslie Scalapino ~ Andrew Schelling ~ Silke Scheuermann ~ George Schneeman ~ Maurice Scully ~ J. P. Seaton ~ Jerome Seaton ~ Fred Jeremy (F. J.) Seligson ~ Sengai / trans. Cid Corman ~ Han Shan / trans. J. P. Seaton ~ David Shapiro ~ Gail Sher ~ Kazuko Shiraishi / trans. Yumiko Tsumura & Samuel Grolmes ~ Eleni Sikelianos ~ John Sinclair ~ Austin Smith ~ Daniel Smith ~ Patricia Smith ~ Dale Smith / Origin Feature 4 ~ Gary Snyder / Origin Archive Feature ~ Clemens Starck ~ Rose Styron ~ Nicomedes Suarez-Arauz ~ John Suiter ~ Robert Sund ~ Arthur Sze ~ John Taggart ~ Ishii Tatsuhiko / trans. Hiroaki Sato ~ Mark Terrill ~ Nguyen Quang Thieu / trans. Kevin Bowen ~ Sophia Thor ~ Tony Tost ~ John Tranter ~ Tree Hugger ~ Yumiko Tsumura ~ Gael Turnbull ~ Lars Amund / trans. Hanne Bramness Vaage ~ Blanca Varela / trans. Roberto Tejada ~ Laki Vazakas ~ Janine Pommy Vega ~ John Vieira ~ Anne Waldman ~ Catherine Walsh ~ Phyllis Walsh ~ Scott Watson ~ James L. Weil ~ Michael Dylan Welch ~ Robert West ~ Philip Whalen / Origin Archive ~ J. D. Whitney ~ Wild Hawthorn Press / Origin Archive ~ Peter Lamborn Wilson / Pir Zia Inayat-Khan ~ Laura Winter ~ Jane Wodening ~ Peter Yovu ~ Daisy Zamora ~


: this is already too massive to write a quip about. It dominated one whole year for us, hundreds of poets, mucho correspondence on my end collecting and editing, then Susan's contribution of 8 hour days screening everything and setting them onto the Internet. We had help. Someone, anonymous, sent us a financial donation out of the goodness of their heart. Someone else we know contributed handsomely in more ways than one. John Martone bought us a scanner. David Giannini went out of his way to print the whole text issue after issue (I edited 4 issues, really anthologies) so we have a paper copy of the huge text. There are only two paper collections, I believe. David owns one, we own the other. After we got through the year we had a CD-disc format prepared of the entire show: poems, art work etc. and this can still be purchased from us. All the ceremony of the year was for Cid and Shizumi Corman. I had taken over Cid's wishes of wanting to see an Origin, sixth series made. So it was made.

Innumerable booklets would be made out of this series, or lengthened into booklets, by many of the poets involved. I will pinpoint these as we go along.

2008. Nicolas Born. The Bill for Room 11. fine selection of poems from this 20th century German master translated by Mark Terrill in violet wraps with double-sided printed wrap around band.


:we've enjoyed working with Mark, stationed for decades now over in Germany (originally a California boy) either booklets of his own poems, or his translations. Born is one more of Mark's astute choices.

2008. Hanne Bramness, Flower Pieces. from Norway, the flowers and one poet there. We think an absolute gem. Many poems folded up into fern etched wraps

 fp1  fp2

: we have prepared many booklets by Norway's Hanne Bramness, often delicate and well rooted poemscapes that take over the day once read. The booklets like to go outdoors with you, from where they came.

2008. Thomas A Clark, The Quiet Garden. the fourth Longhouse booklet by one of Scotland's finest ~ cut glass poems as silent as they come.
: Tom is one of the wonders of the British Isles, for decades, and with a continuity that rivals a tree and its foliage year by year, so do the poems and visual pieces from the hand of Tom. Over the years, from Scotland, he has sent me manuscripts when I've asked. When I've asked.

2008. Cid Corman, The Next One Thousand Years. The Selected Poems and Translations of this internationally acclaimed poet, translator, and editor of the seminal journal Origin - edited by Ce Rosenow & Bob Arnold, Longhouse, 2008. 224 pages. $15 (plus s/h). Distribution exclusively through Longhouse
: someone recently wrote to tell me this collection is "poorly edited", which is an opinion, and any opinion is one to deal with openly and do with it as one must. My 'must' is the book is done. Another good year spent with a fellow worker, this time Ce Rosenow, selecting mainly the shorter poems from Cid Corman's vast sea of poems. Sea? How about seas! The book is certainly not "poorly edited". It is taken from one corner of Cid, but a corner that ran deeply throughout his range of work. We also included many of his translations and wanted them seated in the selection as if one and all with Cid. So no fanfare. Cid ran his translations, like his poetry, through one Corman filter. We hold the unpublished manuscripts from Cid's opus work "of", and purposely did not choose from that work (yet). Down the road we would like to see the whole five volumes of "of" attached to the already three volumes in print. The cover photograph for The Next One Thousand Years is by Dobree Adams, leading to a haunt by Basho. Basho and Cid were friends.

2008. Mariah Fox. i am i . Fold-out with text by the artist of six original color paintings. Subject matter ranging from Andy Warhol to Basquiat, Bob Marley, Jim Morrison and others. Two editions unsigned in tan wraps with wrap around band and signed in turquoise Lokta wraps with wrap around band.

: Mariah Fox is the daughter of poet and storyteller Gerald Hausman (and author Lorry Hausman) and Gerry is an old pal and I just knew learning that his daughter was an artist she might have something for us to print and share. It happened just like that. Marish lives and works in Miami, which if you want to work together, isn't at all that far from Vermont.

2008. Walter Franceschi Little Satori. Fine kidding paper wraps with floating cloud band. Three color fold-out booklet.The Italian poets first book! New and limited.


:Walter Franceschi, after some years sending us small handmade boolets that he would make of his poems, and then where we did two booklets, and charmed by both, has disappeared on us. Walter lives and works in Italy, and though Susan hasn't been there since she was 7 years old, she can picture where he is and tell me things. I'll wait for Walter to tell me some more one day. We keep the booklets in print.

2008. Forrest Gander, translator. Three Spanish Poets ~ Marcos Canteli, Carlos Pardo, Elena Medel
Forrest Gander has assembled three young Spanish poets born between 1974 and 1985, all who have published internationally with books or in anthologies. We offer here a fine selection from all three poets translated by the poet Forrest Gander, English text. Brown bark wraps with decorative wrap around band

: Forrest may have come to me through the wide and glad hand of Kent Johnson, a remarkable fellow, really. As is Forrest. Kent sent my way many poets during the ORIGIN, sixth series collecting, and many stuck with us for further work. . .this booklet being one. The Spanish poets were chosen and shared by Forrest and we hopefully did the rest.

2008. Whit Griffin, Wanhope. certainly native spiritual and maybe supernatural poems of the earth To feel so much despair amid / this beauty is a curse. Wondrous chapbook clutch of poems wrapped in bled blue papers


: I can be old-fashioned so I immediately heard and felt and even could smell what I believe is Civil War when I was reading these poems by Whit. There is an undoubtedly mystical breeze working through these poems as well, and it all makes for a royal unique poet. This is one of two booklets we will publish by Whit over the next few years.

2008. Han Shan / Translations by J. P. Seaton / art by Jerome Seaton My Home's A Hole. Fine and bright with Lokta band. Three color extensive fold-out booklet in Bodha leaf paper. New and limited. A pattern of poems by the Cold Mountain legend with commentary by noted Chinese scholar and poet J. P. Seaton.


: Sandy Seaton came to us for a few years and just put down his knapsack of wisdom Chinese and said the same time I did, "we can make some booklets together, you and me." So we did. I believe some of all the booklets eventually went into his quite handsome Shambhala book publications, with no word of credit to us as first publishing, but who's counting? Not us. The pleasure has all been in doing the booklets, sometimes with a helping hand from Sandy's artist son Jerome. That's his calligraphy you see on the title page. Since the 1960s J.P. Seaton (Sandy) has been one of the premiere translators of ancient Chinese. From what I gather, he's every day working on another poem.

2008. Gerald Hausman, Bokeelia. from coastal Florida, hidden away with turtles, lizards and moon filled ponds, comes this poet's first book of poems in twenty years. A lot of poems tucked up and away in this seaside beauty

:Bokeelia is a spot, hidden I bet, somewhere in Florida, and Gerald Hausman knows where it is and allows us a peek and another peek and more peeks (because he is never selfish) and what and where this world where he makes his poems is from. You go there. But only if you let~go. I selected and edited these poems together for Gerry. When we tried it for a second booklet, it didn't work. That's a behind-the-scenes tidbit. Here's another one: we'll try one again, someday.

2008. Michael Mauri, Florida Turnips. forester and poet Michael Mauri spins a true tale of western Massachusetts nuclear power and resistance through historical, imaginary and real figures. One long poem folded up into Bodhi leaf wraps

: Mike Mauri is both a forester (employment, he has a family, two beautiful daughters) and a poet, and he rides the range of discovery out on the land where he brings his poems from. This booklet deals with nuclear power, land, people, our eco-system, survival, and momentarily between all those atoms, some dangers, a long poem writ.

2008. Hoa Nguyen. What Have You. A fat booklet of new poems by Hoa - one of our largest booklets to date. 3 fold-out scroll sheets tucked up into lovely Asian screenprint with cloud wrap around band. Both unsigned and signed editions.
what have you

: Hoa would probably only publish with us once, she's in demand, so if we are going to dance once, let's make it with the finest papers we can find in a 10 mile radius (try never to spread yourself too far) and make it the largest booklet we've ever done in the foldout method. Usually our booklets are one or two pages that fold out. With Hoa we insisted on three pages because she had such good work that needed to be kept in one cabinet. It took some pressing down to keep that cabinet closed as paper bulk. The outer wraps is Asian quality with gilt lacings.

2008. Simon Pettet. Feast Or Famine. Fine winter sky blue with floating cloud band. Three color fold-out booklet. Dance the day away with a survivor's latest selection of poems. New and limited.


: Simon is about the only poet I know who touches base with us after three years, five years, a month after that? with a note like we are the best of friends (so we are) and here's something he'd like us to read. It's 100% natural and likewise ready to be published. This was one such occasional meeting.

2008. Schelling, Andrew, translator. Anonymous. In the morning mail one day came these two new translation surprises from the ancient lovers by Andrew, and by the afternoon we had the little booklet sized up and printed pretty, and he had copies back in Colorado in a day or two giving them away, the only way. Fine and bright fold-out booklet. New and limited.

2008. Andrew Schelling, Lal Ded, b. 1320, Kashmir. Just short of a dozen translated poems that suggest a deep allegiance to the Kashmiri form of Siva worship, in foldout chaplet style and bound in elegant screenprint wraps with textual band.

lal ded

: Andrew has been a visitor here (with a brother residing in Vermont) many times and a constant correspondent with me, probably through the good words about one another via Cid Corman. We've stayed tied together. Longhouse seems to publish something by Andrew once a year and none of it is ever planned. Either he sends something as a general reading and gift and I see it as something I must publish, or else I request something, or he has something he'd like published and is Longhouse interested? All I know is a lot of "something" has been happening for a good many years. Lalleshwari (1320-1392), also known as Lal Ded, is the creator of the mystic poetry called Vatsun or Vakhs. Known as Lal Vakhs, her verses are the earliest compositions in Kashmiri language and are an important part of the history of Kashmiri literature.

2008. Mark Terrill. Superabundance. A native of California and former merchant seaman who has been writing, translating and scraping by in Europe since the early 1980s. We offer here a sheaf of nine new poems in pumpkin wraps with decorative band.


: first the translation booklet earlier in the year, then new poems by Mark that I often read in large bunches, say 20-30 poems at a clip and I chose and edit a booklet up. If it all floats in my hands after I'm done, we're on. Mark continues a grand tradition of ex-patriot while making travels in Europe — a sly eye that can also cry.

2008. Lars Amund Vaage, The Institution Poems. the Norwegian novelist and poet's second collection with us - facing the hardships and duties of a loved one. Many poems wrapped up into royal papers. $15 / very limited signed

: earlier in life we published the sheep farmer poems by the novelist and poet Lars Amund Vaage, a booklet I will always love. Lars Amund was born and raised on the western side of Norway and is a country boy. He has made his living as novelist and translator (Lorine Niedecker and others) and poems from time to time comes into his playing field. This collection concerns a daughter and her health and livelihood and a father's struggle and passions.

2008. Wilson, Peter Lamborn and Pir Zia Inayat-Khan. Ghazal from the Divan-i Ghalib. Fine firebrand red with floating cloud band. Three color fold-out booklet. No one's like Peter Lamborn Wilson to yesterday into today, exquisite selection of poems here. New and limited.

: Peter Lamborn Wilson doesn't own a computer, it seems, and all communication has come by handwritten letters from some quiet spot on earth, respectfully. These translations included. We carry on with it all.

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