Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Julie Speed

artwork & essay: Julie Speed
fiction: A.M. Homes
essay: Elizabeth Ferrer
university of texas press

This is an exceptional showcase on Julie Speed in wide bound book done with the utmost care for color, sizing, variation and rich dimensions.

It's enough already the comparisons of Speed to Bosch and the Old Masters, though true, and better just to sit for hours with wide book in lap and simply immerse and enjoy.

I've slipped out of the book some of the pleasures and am showing them below.

I don't know what the A.M. Homes short story is doing in the book, but it seems a great loss of space for further work of Speed paintings, or even Speed written text reflecting further on her work, methods and background. Whatever she wishes to share, I believe we would all listen.

Born in Chicago, east coast raised, Speed quit art school early and headed for Texas — first Austin and later Marfa — where she seems to keep an open studio for working, learning, and the occasional wandering and curious guest.

war bride


warflowers #4


the artist's hand

spilt milk

setting the world on fire

evil twin


apple tree

off the rocks

ad referendum, variation ix (jellyfish)

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