Monday, August 23, 2010


All her life Emily Carr lived by the seat of her pants (1871-1945) this Canadian icon. Painter, writer, explorer, lover of the indigenous tribes & folk of the Pacific Northwest coast all the way to Alaska, which is portrayed in her many paintings of natives, nature & woodlands. Much of her mature and enduring work occured after the age of 57. A late bloomer for sure. She ran a boarding house for fifteen years before that, barely picking up her brushes. And then there was the love for her dogs. For every O'Keeffe one is shown, a Marsden Hartley and Emily Carr must be requested and embraced.

emily carr age 21


Klee Wyck (1941) encounters w/ Aborginal culture
The Book of Small (1942) childhood in Victoria
The House of All Sorts (1944) keeping a boarding house and breeding her beloved dogs
Growing Pains (1946) Emily Carr's autobiography

Many many posthumous works published, journals, biographies and letters not to be missed!


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