Tuesday, April 20, 2010


David Shapiro is still a young fellow and has lived many life times. His first collection of poems January was published long before he was twenty years of age, by Holt, and with an endorsement from Jack Kerouac. For decades he has taught many poets and art lovers from around the world. His craftsmanship as a musician is yet another of his whole worlds. When young guys, David with his close friend Ron Padgett, compiled one of the finest anthologies of the legendary New York School of Poets. Just about everyone who should have been in there was, with a photograph. Cloud bursts of poems, too. One day in early spring David sent to me this gift poem, tucked in a letter because he knew I might like it, and he knew I might print it up into a tiny broadside to frame. He was correct. Anyone can write us for a copy, and a few are signed.

Designed, printed and published by Longhouse 2010 and available here


Here's one of my photographs from the polaroid series going back some dozen years. I'll include a few more as time goes along. I use a Canon digital camera now — plus make one to two minute films with it. We can't seem to find the film for my old polaroid, clunky and beautiful in its time at making finished photos roll out. My father used his for years. He kept his film in the refrigerator. All this human province of moves and even errors of taking pictures, storing film, having the miracle of the developed photograph in your hands, after a little bit of precious waiting (which is like listening which is like talking which is like thinking) is becoming lost.

photo © bob arnold