Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Imogen Cunningham and Twinka (Thiebaud) at Yosemite (1974)
 photo : Judy Dater


Born in Portland, Oregon in 1883, Imogen Cunningham bought her first camera when she was eighteen years old — a 4 x 5 inch view finder — although she lost interest with her first fling as a photographer, she picked the camera up again in 1906 after an encounter with the work of Gertrude Kasebier. By the next year she was working with ethnologist and photographer Edward Sheriff Curtis in his Seattle studio. A life of photography ensued — brilliant botanical pieces, nudes, portraits, wild and industrial landscapes. A fascinating long life, the photographer passed away in San Francisco in 1973.


Ansel Adams, Yosemite Valley 1953

Edward Weston and Charis Wilson Weston at Point Lobos, 1945


Self-portrait in 1863 Costume, 1909

Black and white lilies 2, 1920s

 Callas, 1925


Dream Walking, 1968

Frida Kahlo Rivera, 1931

Kenneth Rexroth, Poet, and Mariana Rexroth, 1953

Martha Graham 2, 1931

Cary Grant, Actor, 1932

Evan Connell, Writer, 1956


Ruth Asawa, Sculptor, 1963

Self-Portrait With Grandchildren in Funhouse, 1955

Sherwood Anderson and Elizabeth Prall, about 1923

The Poet and His Alter Ego, 1962

(james broughton)

Zebra, about 1921

My Father at Ninety, 1956

Navaho Rug, 1968

Self-Portrait With Morris Graves 1, 1973

The Dream, 1910

Tree at Donner Pass, 1925

Wynn Bullock, Photographer, 1966