Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bob Arnold's ~

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Bob Arnold's Dream Come True (Sanndroymd)
Published by Nordsjoforlaget, 2009
Bilingual edition in English & Norwegian
Translated by Lars Amund Vaage
Illustrated by Laurie Clark
Exclusive cloth edition
60 pages

$25 signed

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Speaking of little — while I proceeded to clean up my tool room last night, still barefoot, handling hammers, saws and sharp blades, I managed to knock over a small box of screws from a shelf

The screws fell without a care, scattered like metal seeds all over the strong plank floor

I picked those up and put them back into the box, only to lift the box and have the entire bottom of the box collapse and all the screws fall and scatter again

I stared down at the screws
-------Saw my bare feet

This time a handful were caught between the planks of the floor

I could see them, brass tipped, not entirely lost to the below

I went to get tweezers, and the tweezers picked each one out like the doctor that once used these tweezers and picked out the stitches in my forehead after I smashed heads with a player in a backyard pick-up basketball game

I asked for the tweezers, knowing the doctor would ditch them after me

He looked at the tweezers, then into my eyes. "Sure", he said.

photo collage in tool room: © bob arnold