Friday, November 5, 2010

EDEN 5 ~


We have had a spring like we haven’t seen in years and years, extending since early March and right up until today in mid-May. Already we have had all four seasons over this spring: snow fell, summer days fancy all in a row, the blue sky spun spring days, and a chill of autumn passed by more than a few times. In dips and doodles we have managed to get way ahead of ourselves during spring: new benches built for the porches, we painted the house, and we fetched in all next winter’s firewood. We feel pretty fat and saucy with accomplishments. Plus all the new booklets we’ve designed and handmade. Something will go haywire to balance out all the good deeds done. Our twenty-one year old pickup truck may be the first: it needs lots of work and with an engine still producing oil that looks like maple syrup, we fight to keep the frame and body intact with such a fine engine. We’ll hate to lose the old friend truck. Ever talk to your truck, or beloved car, chain saw, woodstove, splitting maul, even trees? I do. I’ve spoken to trees before I’ve cut them down; it was the least I could do.

from A Possible Eden, Bob Arnold, Longhouse 2010
photo: © Bob Arnold