Saturday, November 5, 2011


Rick Danko

Personally, I got a real thing for people shambling in with their heart on their sleeves. It may appear sloppy, noisy, jangling, disruptive, and it often is, and if that's all that it is, I'm not interested. But if it has that other little ingredient, the sleeve and the heart, with the sleeve wiping the mouth of soup, well okay.

Rick Danko of The Band and other bands (Paul Butterfield's etc) always came across to me when performing as the kid with heart. You get to watch it all through Martin Scorsese's seminal concert film The Last Waltz, where Rick Danko and The Band are in their prime. If you've never seen this film, you can't leave the earth before doing so. Please proceed.

Then return sometime and listen to this one song, sloppy and heart felt, that I've pulled from the film that you may click on below. It's Rick Danko up and down.

And years later when he grew older and slower and died far too young, the same rock 'n' roll kid forever came through. I see him as a guy who would have traveled awhile with Woody Guthrie or Joe Hill; who would have fought in the Civil War and survived, who would like to sing to the troops at Occupy Wall Street; who would have said, 'Sure, I'll help you unload that load' when the truck backed in to the drive. Someone to miss when he's gone.