Tuesday, November 1, 2011


They say the "homeless" are coming in droves, or infiltrating, or bothering the protestors at the Occupy sites nation wide. Blending in. Bothering with their unreeled minds, madness, appearance, what have you.

I have a home, you may have a home, at least a computer, even if borrowed in a library setting, or cafe, call it a momentary home.

But the way this country and world has become we are all "homeless", until we wake up to the fact anyone made homeless, especially by banking and mortgage and false-swap thieves right in our midst! then we are all of the 99%, homeless. One false move, hiccup, accident, and you could be there.

Those ghosts, those phantoms, those zombies, those human beings left to cold, left to rust, left to rot, are you. Are me. Are you.

A guy my age, dressed quite like me, asked me for 25 cents on a bridge yesterday. He said he needed it for the bus. I gave it to him. Then I watched him run for the bus.

photo © bob arnold