Sunday, April 22, 2018



The tree farm's endless

rows of pines — my road to

his nursing home

There it was —

the old man's face

at a newsstand in Florence

I don't know

who's cutting our names

into the headstone

Bird tracks

in snow —

Dear Francis

Eyes shut tight —


the old place

Finally graceful —

driftwood on

an iced-in shore

A small bird's song

the furnace

switches on


from Adveniat
John Martone
Red Moon Press


Anonymous said...

john martone. i gravitate to his poetry and then, am uplifted. thanks for this, Bob.

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


I believe John would react the same to your generous comment.

Today we have a spring rain and, it is doing the same!

all's well, Bob

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bob!

Today too many earthworms on the asphalt driveway here, being swept downward by steady Spring rain, into the gutter of the asphalt road. Happens every Spring but more worms this time and I have yet to see a robin red breast take the worms from the driveway where it would be easy pickings.

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Donna,

As kids we SOLD earthworms for fishing fellows, 1 cent per caught worm. I'd gladly come by and scoop up your earthworms for my can.

Very rarely see the EARTHWORMS FOR SALE sign up any longer.

Still raining.

all's well, Bob