Wednesday, March 3, 2010




"A poet departs, too soon, and there is a void that will not be filled. From somewhere deep and old the tears well up in the dark night.

When I met Jim in 1967 he was seventeen. He had been leading a triple life: high school All-American basketball star, heroin addict/ street hustler, poet."

The above is from Tom Clark's wee memoir of Jim Carroll, as submitted by the author, newly published from Longhouse for the Spring Equinox 2010. With photographs by Bill Berkson, Mary K. Greer, and Beatrice Murch.

In glossy photographic wraps, hand sewn in four colors. Ready to be slipped into your back pocket, or anyone's.

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Tom Clark was born in Chicago 1941. Man of letters in poetry, prose, biography and the fine art of proper blogging, Beyond the Pale.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, he then attended Cambridge University and University of Essex before returning to the United States in 1967. A long time resident of the American west, he makes his home with Angelica in Berkeley, California. This is Tom's second Longhouse publication along with
Single - Longhouse, 2009.

photo courtesy: Mary K. Greer