Saturday, April 10, 2010


Mock Orange

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Joe's out there on the edge of northern California. I came through the town where he is fifteen years ago after driving and hiking through redwoods the day before. With a little boy you drive a little, you hike a little. Two weeks ago Joe sent this sheaf of new poems by electric mail. I read and wrote back with a "Let's do it." We designed and printed and folded and wrapped all the next few days of rain. Good old rain.

docks swallowed
-------------------------------in fog —

a transient talks
-------------------------------------------into a pine cone —


Steven Fama said...

I love how Massey and you -- and now know it was the rain too -- turned the e-words into a 'real' booklet so quick. Cross-country poem-work wow-wow! Congratulations to all, the excerpt here is incredible, I hope my order came through, and look forward to getting the thing!

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Steven,

Yep, nothing like teamwork.

Even if it hadn't rained we would have plucked this one ready by working overtime into the night. It has Spring (and all) written all over it.

Your double-dip order is on its way!