Wednesday, November 9, 2011


"Three pictures from a recent excursion around the Delta and Hill Country."

That's what Longhouse friend Whit Griffin wrote to us this morning and I thought the setting and timing was quiet enough to share.

Whit often takes photographs and sends them our way from his travels. I didn't even ask him this time if it was okay to post — it always seems okay between us. I kinda wanted to surprise him back with the shots.

The legendary life dates for Robert Johnson are barely wide enough to get a breath taken. Just one song from him is worth a life time.

I remember reading once that Fred McDowell's original gravestone (where his name was spelled incorrectly) had been damaged and replaced by this one above. Bonnie Raitt paid for the new stone, and that photograph of the great bluesman on the stone, born in Tennessee, may have been taken the year he died.

Rest in peace, and song.

photos © whit griffin

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