Friday, November 11, 2011




Anonymous said...

I just saw the doc film, "Inside Job". It had a weak ending, with only an image of the Statue of Liberty, a tired sigh of hope), but no wonder, following on the heels of the s.o.b.s who undermined the U. S. economy (and are already revving up to do it again). Gotta share this at word pond. Love, peace and justice to all of us, twink

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Hi Donna,

I always loved this song written by David Crosby with his strength of knowing how to write and sing and include us all. I would have used the song from his first solo album which I posted as a Birdhouse sometime last year; then I remembered this crowd chanting acapella beauty. I had watched Crosby and Nash earlier in the evening perform the song in the studio of Democracy Now! and that was moving enough. There is the statue of liberty.

A tip of the cap back to you for sharing it on the word pond

all's well, Bob