Thursday, November 17, 2011


"The top 1 percent of Americans possess a greater net worth than the entire bottom 90 percent, according to an analysis by the Economic Policy Institute."


First rule of thumb on the road to progress (further) is: Don't Shit Where You Sleep. I don't care if you are in the Marines, Occupy Wall Street (another Marines), coaching football, or camping out with me. Don't. All articles above and visuals concern themselves with how don't works and does work. Where it doesn't work affects civilization, just trust me on that. Or go read your history.

Sure there are bad eggs and dead-beats in the Occupy army, but the majority show a force, a glow, for something magnificent: camaraderie, heart, soul, and a dedication to their country and fellow brother and sister, which, by the way, is all about what the Marines are supposed to be about.

The Penn State scandal is the scandal of our time. The subject of sexual abuse is demoralizing and underground and everywhere, and the names and institution involved here showcases an American Pie story. The top of the mom & pop, white picket fence heap: college football, team play, leaders to trust, myriad of millions in annual profit, in the halls of education. It isn't in absolutely every school or church, thank goodness, but it is with us. There remain terrific teachers, coaches, priests, ministers, preachers, yet the evil is there and ruining. Far worse than any boogieman Terrorist. Sports radio, which I've been hanging with for the last few weeks listening, is turning in its conservative guy grave. Coach Joe Paterno of Penn State (a certain god) is having his name erased off the trophy and perhaps soon the building in his name — which is like taking Reagan's name off the airport. We go to war and push our children (many go from a sports salute to a military salute) to die or return disabled and crippled for life. We give them trillions of dollars in debt to take care of when we all pass away from our war chest bravado and endless infidelities. And for good measure, we rape and fuck them and their lives to kingdom come. Never ever again talk or preach to us about "the children" or "the village" you've burned to the ground.



Lally said...

perfect articulation of what so many of us are feeling. Thank you.

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

I'm right with you, Michael, every day.

all's well, Bob