Thursday, December 15, 2011


~ Book lovers everywhere tip their hats ~

George Whitman, the American-born owner of Shakespeare & Company, a magnet for writers, poets and tourists for close to 60 years, died at age 98.
(December 14, 2011)

Please read Eddie Woods glory road tribute to George Whitman here:

photo: ny times


Ed Baker said...

curled up under a blanket with P. in back of the store
in 1968... a poetry reading that night... loads of very cute girls

P. was one of them who I was more interested in that whoever the reader was

next morning after sleeping on the floor
the clerk (George) said:
"we got beds upstairs You can stay there tonight"

We didn't. Went back to Amsterdam and then off to Lindos
as Jack said "Go to Lindos, I'll be there in a few weeks)"

so we "boggied" on or is it "trucked"? "booked?"

seems to me that George's shoppe was the second Shakespeare's & Company

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Nothing like the wisdom and memories of someone who has been there and back again, thank you, Ed.

By chance were you ever there with GW when he was having his hair 'cut' by lit candle wick flame? There is a film somewhere in the world showing this performance. One can smell the burnt hair from 1000s of miles away.

Yes, GWs was the second incarnation of Shakespeare and Company. The legendary wisp of a size Sylvia Beach was the forerunner — her memoir and letters tell this story the best.

all's well up here in the rain, Bob

Perezoso said...

That was about Joyce, Pound and Co. Gents.

No hobo jaggoffs and zion-hippies.

You wouldn't have been allowed in, dreck, even with an autographed pic of Anne Waldman's skanky-jew ass

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...


Ed Baker said...



lookie what I found:

Fay & I slept well, we tried to sleep on the floor amongst the books

As I reall

I peed outside. Fay? She used a bucket with a toilette seat on top...
1968 like it wuz (only) a moment ago.

I took a few b/w photographs of the around-the-neighborhood
hang in & keep-on-truckin'

Bob Arnold / Longhouse said...

Thanks much Ed, your addition keeps to the fine sense of layering of the story and the memory. Or as you correctly term it, "As I Recall". A fine title for a memoir.

From what I hear and see of the next "Sylvia", the famed bookshop should sail on.

all's well, Bob